Moon Jelly

CHOICE Restaurant + Bakery
Brooklyn, New York, United States


3D printed sls master modular units
Urethane molds
Polyester resin slip cast modular units
Water based metallic faux finish
Custom glass blown chandeliers
Chinese stone cladding tile
Custom walnut benches
Corten steel menu plate
Magnetic steel lettering


Seeking to create a restaurant that combines a sense of old-world charm along side a unique contemporary setting, the project called for the creation of a custom modular ceiling system with a range of ornamental and material surface effects. Conceived as a beautiful theatrical cloud suspended above one’s head this one-of-a-kind lightweight membrane also accommodates for the lighting, sprinkler, mechanical and sound systems required for the restaurant. In addition, the project includes our custom glass-blown chandelier distributed across the ceiling as a luminous blanket above the clientele below.


The modular ceiling tile is comprised of both high (approximately 2′-4″ (.71 m) square x 1′-2″ (.36 m) deep) and low relief hexagonal tiles (approximately 2′-4″ (.71 m) square x 1′-2″ (.36 m) deep) that are cast in lightweight polymer. The chandelier is approximately 1′-6″ (.46 m) wide and 2′-0″ (.61 m) long and includes support hardware 2′-0″ (.61 m) long.

Product Options

Both high and low relief modular ceiling tiles can be mass-produced and are available in any color finish. The custom chandeliers are available in various colors and the support hardware rods can be ordered in custom lengths. The fixture also accommodates the following lamps: incandescent, compact fluorescent, MR16, PAR lamp and LED’s.