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Evan Douglis Studio
Moon Jelly

CHOICE Restaurant + Bakery
Brooklyn, New York, United States


Seeking to create a timeless aura that was both old-world yet also strikingly contemporary, the restaurant project called for the creation of a one-of-a-kind custom ceiling that served as a sensuous and comforting halo suspended above ones head. Drawing inspiration from spirals found in marine organisms, the lyricism of ancient calligraphy, the surface exuberance typified by ornamental scrollwork, and the exquisite illusory techniques specific to Op art, the ceiling membrane assumed a broad range of animate features seeking to elicit a sense of wonderment and surprise.


Designed as a lightweight prefabricated modular tile system, the entire ceiling is produced out of two primary repetitive units accompanied by a family of custom border strips running along the entire perimeter. Surface apertures accommodate for the sprinkler, mechanical and sound systems as well as a set of custom glass-blown chandelier fixtures distributed across the ceiling as a luminous blanket above the clientele below.


The original set of master tiles were created as full-scale 3D printed SLA models. The surface geometry of these objects were then transferred to flexible rubber molds enabling us to mass-produce the tiles in cast liquid polyurethane, which in-turn received a burnt umber and metallic color paint finish.


3D printed sls master modular units
Polyester resin slip cast modular units metallic faux finish
Custom glass blown chandeliers
Chinese stone cladding tile
Custom walnut benches
Corten steel menu plate with magnetic steel lettering


Richard Sarrach, Dave Mans,

Sebastian Misiurek, Scott Sorenson,

Guillermo Bernal, Alex Drabyk,

Celina Alvarado, Arianna Lebed


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