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Evan Douglis Studio
City of Glass Balloons

Experimental Glass Research
New York State, United States


Our current research in to next generation custom glass-blown vessels represents an interest in the ineffable nature of glass. The most recent experiments have discovered ingenious ways to create asymmetrical configurations that challenge the conventional platonic geometry that is typically attributed historically to most glass blown objects.


The glass vessel range in size from 7″ (.18 m) to 1′-0″ (.30 m) in diameter and 1′-6″ (.46 m) to 3′-0″ (.91 m) in length. The glass and stainless steel cable assembly samples have been produced in amber yellow, steel blue and cobalt blue. In addition, a mirrored finish was applied to the interior surface of the steel blue and cobalt blue pieces in order to introduce highly reflective surface effects and dynamic color variations.

Product Options

The transparent glass vessels are available as a single chandelier or in multiples ranging in number and size. The chandeliers are also available in a variety of colors at the owner’s request. The fixture accommodates the following lamps: incandescent, compact fluorescent, MR16, PAR lamp, and LEDs. The next generation of mirrored vessels will be integrated in to a triangular glass tile base outfitted with LED technology. Offering an illuminated mirrored surface. This particular product will provide indirect light for any residential or commercial setting.


Scott Sorenson, Chelsea Anderson


Custom Hand Blown Colored Glass
Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
Mirrored Metallic Skin
Stainless Steel Support Hardware

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