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Evan Douglis Studio


Richard Sarrach, Scott Sorenson,

Michele Gorman


CNC milled renshape master modular units
Slip cast molds
Green ware and porcelain slip cast modular units


This beautifully designed modular wall-screen provides an ideal feature piece for anyone inspired by a new era of ornamental surfaces. Digitally designed and manufactured to provide a variety of surface and ambient effects the Flora_flex system can transform the most mundane spaces in to the most exciting architectural destination.



The modular wall system is comprised of a main unit and two connector units cast out of polymer and finished with industrial-grade paint. In addition, the assembly requires a concealed stainless steel set of hardware adjoining the modular units structurally in both the horizontal and vertical direction.


Product Options

The entire modular wall screen assembly system is available in any size and can match any color specification provided by the client. Ideal for domestic, commercial or institutional settings.

European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC)
Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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