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Evan Douglis Studio


CNC milled master foam unit
Fifteen piece urethane detractable mold
Lightweight fiber glass shell
Urethane cast access panel
Aluminum interior frame
Automobile paint
LCD screen


Throughout the history of civilization the heavens have served to capture our poetic imagination as an endless source of mystical, mythological, and scientific inspiration. That which occupies the sky and beyond is often perceived as abstract, ineffable and always in possession of a higher power. When confronted with the ultimate unknowable, as a species, we simply construct a mental projection that gives reason to chaos and purpose to our seemingly meaningless existence.


Situated within that existential context, Helioscopes was conceived as a new regime of imaginary aerial creatures. Open to a post-humanist future comprised of manufactured flesh imbued with a new material vitality, the helical tails respond in real-time to voice recognition, bodily interaction and environmental changes. Displaying similar behavioral traits found common in cephalopods and amphibians, the mannerism of the tail movements are analogous to a complex language and system of communication.



Each helical tentacle is outfitted with a single LCD screen at eye height providing video streaming in public and private settings. Video content ranges from avant-garde independent films and educational instruction to commercial promotional material.


Permanent Collection

Both the full-scale Helioscope installation as well as the working maquette model was obtained by the FRAC Centre in Orléans, France as part of their permanent collection.

FRAC Centre Collection
Orleans, France



Kari Anderson, Seiichi Saito,

Martin Melioranski, Richard Sarrach,

Che-Wei Wang

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