FRAC Centre Collection
Orleans, France


CNC milled master foam unit
Fifteen piece urethane detractable mold
Lightweight fiber glass shell
Urethane cast access panel
Aluminum interior frame
Automobile paint
LCD screen


This unique digitally designed and manufactured cloud-scape was created for clients seeking to acquire the most futuristic architectural design available today. With the integration of video technology in each of the helical tails, the owners of this one-of-a-kind ceiling system will acquire unlimited branding and promotional opportunities.

Product Specifications

Each Helioscope unit measures (9′-11 1/2″ (3.04 m) wide x 11′-0″ (3.35 m) long x 4′-6″ (1.37 m) high). The unit comes fabricated as a single lightweight epoxy resin thin shell that can easily be mounted to any pre-existing or new ceiling system. The surface will receive an industrial-grade paint finish to match any color specification provided by the client.

Product Options

The product may be obtained as a single unit or in multiples for any interior private or public setting. Ideal settings include: residential spaces, corporate lobbies, conference rooms and executive offices, and small and large-scale institutional spaces.