Haku Restaurant
Manhattan, New York


CNC milled renshape master tiles
Urethane molds
Liquid urethane cast
Automobile paint finish
Metal cleat hardware
Powder coated aluminum storefront grille
Sandblasted glass storefront glass panel
Glass pendent lighting
Lacquered bentwood sushi bar


Seeking to provide a contemporary and inspired design for a hi-end Japanese restaurant in NYC, a custom modular tile system was created as the main feature element. In combination with a soft field of suspended lighting above as well as an elegant custom exterior storefront this small yet innovatively designed project provided the desired theatrical effects required to generate enthusiasm among an ever-increasing clientele.

Product Specifications

Tiles measure (6″ (.15 m) high x 3′-0″ (.91 m) long x 4″ (.10 m) deep) and attach to the wall with simple cleat hardware making it easy to replace and oversee maintenance. Made out of cast polymer, each tile receives an industrial-grade paint finish to match any color specification provided by the client.

Product Options

The tile comes in the standard dimensions specified above but can be produced as a custom order in any size, or color.