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Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China


CNC Milled Foam Core

Lightweight Fiberglass Shell

Bent Steel Tube Frame

Raspberry Pi Media Controller

Linear LED Strip Lighting

Integrated IR Sensors

Embedded Sound System


Often the most memorable moments of ones life can be traced back to the sounds that emerged during those significant episodes that changed our lives forever. Although immaterial and fleeting as a medium, the power of the voice, the rhythmic qualities of music and song, and the overall impact of sound to penetrate our soul and overall consciousness as human beings, represents a universal language with lasting impact. 


Whether we’re recalling the sound of children at play, the ancient spirit found in traditional Chinese musical instruments, or the exuberance of fireworks at the moment of a New Year, the recollection of the

sound  scores of our lives reassures us of the importance of our past, present and future.


Seeking to energize and reinvigorate the great water-village of Zhujiajiao in new and exciting ways, our proposed installation titled ‘Sonicloud’ offers a totally immersive experience utilizing the medium of sound as the primary transformative experience. Conceived as a series of small floating cloud pavilions, exquisite listening stations, memory machines and entertainment capsules; a continuously changing program of ancient and contemporary stories will be offered in the form of music or narration for all the citizens and visitors of the village of Zhujiajiao.

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