Mubadala Office Competition
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Cast polymer modular tiles
Lightweight fiberglass resin shells
Custom blown glass
Composite fiber shells


Looking to create an inspired contemporary office environment reflective of the visionary leadership of Mubadala: the leading financial investment company in Abu Dhabi today, the design called for a new and immersive architectural experience. Conceived as a manufactured landscape installed within a corporate setting, all the custom designed and fabricated surfaces collectively served to provide a sense of excitement and theatrical surprise.


Comprised of a series of our modular building component products (Helioscopes, Flora_flex and  Blue  Rain)  an  archive  of  product  development  is drawn upon to create a truly authentically designed corporate interior space. Materials range from polymer, fiberglass resin, and custom blown glass.

Product Options

Each of the products incorporated within the project have the capacity to be modified (in terms of size, configuration, material or color finish) in order to accommodate for any residential, commercial or institutional setting.