Infinity Nets

Office Building Stair Tower
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


3D printed resin exterior shell
Injected foam reinforcement
Hi-gloss industrial-grade metallic paint
Concealed stainless steel hardware
Stainless steel support ring


The installation called for a digitally designed and 3-D printed woven column to be suspended within a public stair tower as a major design attraction. Custom designed for a world-renowned corporate client in Abu Dhabi this unique installation represents a new era in architectural membranes developed as composite surfaces unifying structure and ornament.


The entire installation is fabricated as a series of six colossal 3-D prints and mechanically fastened together on-site. Printed with a 1/8″ (3mm) thick exterior shell the interior cavities are filled with liquid foam as reinforcement. The surface receives an industrial-grade hi-gloss metallic paint finish.

Product Options

Our firms research in to next-generation architectural woven membranes provides us with the parametric and manufacturing expertise capable of producing innovative products ranging from furniture to entire building envelopes at residential or commercial scales. Offered in cast polymer, aluminum, steel and concrete this broad range of material options works well for interior and exterior applications.