Fractal Seagrass

Office Building Stair Tower
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Fiberglass Molded Units
Injected Foam Cores
Polished Gel Coat Finish
Interior Steel Support Frame
Spacing Collars w/ Set Screws
Stainless Steel Tensile Aircraft Cables
Stainless Steel Fittings


The project called for a spectacular showcase piece to be installed within the center space of a commercial office stair tower in Abu Dhabi. Conceived as an exotic helical creature suspended below a skylight, emphasis was placed on the rotational nature of the surface as well as the changing application of color as a primary visual component. Seeking to provide the impression that our architectural installation is constantly in motion, the piece functions as an increasingly attractive destination within the office domain.


Each polyhedron base unit measures approximately 7 1/2″ (.19 m) square. The corresponding prong extension pieces range in height from 4 1/2″ (.11 m) to 6 1/4″ (.16 m). The entire constellation of self-similar modular units is connected together with structural dowels, aerospace strength industrial adhesive and an interior metal support frame. The overall massing area of the suspended installation is 5′-0″ (1.50 m) dia x 19′-8 1/4″ (6 m) long.

Product Options

The polyhedron base units come in the standard dimensions specified above but can be produced as a custom order in any size and/or color. Materials options include fiberglass resin, metal or concrete. In addition, due to the hyper efficiency of the packing of these units (that can be combined in any direction), an infinite number of sculptural / spatial configurations can be achieved for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Project options include, but are not limited to, corporate lobby ceilings and wall reliefs, small and large scale free-standing wall screens and exterior cladding systems for any building type.