Re-Sampling Ornament, SAM Swiss Architecture Museum, Curators: Oliver Domeisen, Francesca Ferguson, 2008

syn_athr(0)isis), HELEXPO – CORONA, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008

Rotterdam Biennale, EKWC Brick Project Exhibition, City of Architecture, 2007

London Architecture Bienale, The World in One City exhibition, Curator: Matteo Cainer, 2006

LA MOCA at the Pacific Design Center, Three Nomadic Structures: The Work of Jean Prouvé, Co-Curator and Installation Designer, Summer/Fall 2005

PROLONGATION de l’exposition, Group Show, Collection FRAC Centre, France, Feb 2006

LE CORPS NUMÉRIQUE, École Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Tours, Group Show: Collection FRAC Centre, France, Nov 2005

Crossing Disciplines, Schafler Gallery, Group Show, Pratt Institute, Mar 2005

ARCHILAB International Conference: The Naked City, Exhibitor, Orléans, France, Fall 2004