el Tower

UPS Building Competition
Manhattan, New York


Tubular steel tubing dia-grid structure
Water jet cut, powder-coated aluminum accessory plates
Steel frame and precast concrete hotel tower
Glass and metal curtain wall
Steel columns
Free-standing store pavilions (by others)
New structural and mechanical roof space frame


The design called for a colossal open-air roof top membrane to be erected over an existing seven story three-block long building located on the lower Westside of Manhattan. Conceived as monumental enclosure for a series of newly proposed freestanding commercial pavilions and boutique hotel to be built on top of an existing roof, this new sustainable skin would serve to simultaneously brand this large-scale urban development project as well as provide an attractive microclimate for a community of urban consumers below. In collaboration with Arup Engineers, the appropriate integration of structural, environmental and fabrication concerns were of primary importance.


This structural and ornamental aluminum skin utilizes a dia-grid configuration in order to increase  the performative and economic efficiency of the project. Additional water-jet cut metal accessory plates attached to the primary structure serve as shading devices in response to mircro-climate considerations. All the metalwork is to be power coated white. New roof truss to be installed on top of the existing building in order to accommodate for new circulation cores, added structural stability, as well as new mechanical, plumbing and electrical lines.

Product Options

A similar open-air structural envelope may be provided by our firm for any client looking to acquire a unified design for a series of discontinuous freestanding buildings. Based upon our expertise in parametric design we are able to offer an unlimited range of architectural designs that ecologically, economically and aesthetically attractive.