Blue Rain

Office Program Bureau Stair Tower
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Custom Hand Blown Colored Glass
Stainless steel aircraft cable
Stainless steel oval ring
Stainless steel support hardware


The installation called for a series of hand-blown colored glass vessels to be suspended within a public stair tower as a major design attraction. Custom designed for a world-renowned corporate client in Abu Dhabi this unique architectural installation took advantage of the natural light from skylight above to produce the most spectacular luminous effects.


The glass vessel is approximately 6″ (.15 m) wide x 1′-4 1/8″ (.41 m) long. Designed to function as an art piece in this context, the glass and stainless steel cable assembly unit was produced in three different shades of blue. In addition a mirrored finish was applied to half of the pieces in order to introduce highly reflective surface effects alongside the transparent vessels.

Product Options

The glass vessels are available as a single chandelier or in multiples in sizes ranging (6″ (.15 m) wide x 2′-0″ (.61 m), 2′-8″ (.81 m) and 3′-0″ (.91 m) long). The chandeliers are also available in a variety of colors at the owner’s request. The fixture also accommodates the following lamps: incandescent, compact fluorescent, MR16, PAR lamp and LED’s.