Caviar 3000

Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Lanzhou, China


In recognition of the impressive historical legacy of the City of Lanzhou and the significance of this new Urban Planning Exhibition Center to serve as an important cultural attractor with global reach, our proposed design titled ‘Caviar3000’ is offered as a new landmark building unlike any other in the world! Conceived as a symbol of the City’s commitment to culture, technological innovation and prosperity for all, the building rises in to the sky with the aspirations of a multi-cultural city at the turn of the century seeking international acclaim.

Purposely intended to be bold and contemporary on the highest level, the building’s curvilinear shaping and caviar surface relief, function to draw attention to the invaluable role of public space as a vital part of urban life. The excitability of the building skin operates from an exterior perspective as a theatrical device to draw attention to itself through changing scalar patterns, iridescent colors distributed in all directions and a highly reflective surface. In contrast, these same custom glass bubbles serve as a new type of window and skylight system for the interior of the building as they serve to illuminate the main public spaces as well offer exciting views to the city beyond.